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ResCom Services has been operating via two sub companies since 2010, EPC Inspections and Gabriela Photographs. As more and more services were added to each company neither company's name really reflected what they now actually did, so  it was agreed that a name change and amalgamation was required. As everthing we offered was to either associated with residential or commercial property the name ResCom Services was selected.


Meet the team:



Mike Godfrey, Lead Assessor Dip DEA, Dip NDEA, Dip DEC, Dip LEG

Energy Assessor, Risk Assessor

Gabi Godfrey, Dip DEA, Dip OCDEA

Photographer, Energy Assessor, 

To find out more or
to make a booking Call:

01202 244339

Kelly Breakspear

U Value Co-ordinator

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